Dutch American Foods, Inc. is a privately held company, family owned and operated by the Van Baren family for over three decades. The business originally began as a blender and packager of breading mixes, batters, and marinades under its own DAF label.

In an effort to grow, Dutch American began to pursue private labeling and toll manufacturing. Specializing in custom dry blending and various secondary packaging lines, Dutch American manufactures for all segments of the dry food industry. Since becoming a co-manufacturer, Dutch American has grown to be recognized as a quality dry food processor in the Chicagoland area with a reputation for competitive pricing and quick turnaround time.

In 2015, Dutch American foresaw the need for a second facility. After much planning and patience, the second facility opened in the spring of 2017. This facility gave an opportunity to segregate Bakery, Sweet, and Neutral products from the Savory and Seasoning products. It has also enabled us to become more efficient and provide controlled growth.

Dutch American continues to build on its reputation and provide quality, safe food products to the world.

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